EXCELLO, the IoT technology start-up for Extreme Environment equipment, has successfully launched its Series A investment.


EXCELLO Co. Ltd has announced the completion of Series A investment news to the public on Thursday, the 13th. EXCELLO is a start-up,

developing advanced IoT technology applicable to Extreme Environment equipment.


Five different institutional investors including, IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea) and DONGYU Investment, participated Series A investment for EXCELLO.


After its foundation in 2017, EXCELLO continuously developed technologies including, sensors and monitoring system that monitors temperature,

erosion location, and status of equipment in extreme condition on a real-time basis. This technology extracts data through real-time monitoring system and helps making predictable environment for businesses in the Extreme Environment industry.

In the history, EXCELLO was honored as a Challenge winner of ‘Industry 4.0’ that the well-known steel industry equipment engineering company

‘Paul Wurth’ hosted in 2016. After, Paul Wurth and EXCELLO made exclusive supply contract as well. In 2020, global steel making company, POSCO,

made decision to apply EXCELLO’s world first developed Extreme condition real-time monitoring system in its blast furnace and runner to examine

equipment’s status on a real-time basis.


Through Series A investment, EXCELLO revealed that the company plans to advance the Extreme Environment equipment monitoring system, while

discovering new business items and establishing business infrastructure. In order to successfully finish the plan, EXCELLO is actively hiring employees

in all departments including, engineering, marketing, strategy, and human resources.


Sebastian Park, the CEO of the EXCELLO, spoke that “Real-time monitoring system does very significant role in preventing safety accidents, as all of

safety accidents in the past happened in the environment without sensor or system that endures the extreme heat and pressure.” Also, added that

“The company is planning to advance its solution ‘IRS(Intelligent Real-time System)’ technology, which helps Extreme Environment industry businesses

to increase its productivity, reduce cost, and secure the safety.”


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