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Most of the accidents that occur at industrial sites are caused by poor working conditions such as high and low temperature environments. In particular, in the case of a fire or explosion accident, since it is an accident that occurs in an instant, it causes even greater loss of life. In order to keep workers safe under these circumstances, it is essential to measure the temperature and humidity accurately at the site.


The Smart-Detector is small, strong, and portable, and monitors air quality in real time through temperature and humidity detection sensors. In addition, quicker and more effective response is possible by an LED alarm system.




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Meet Version 2.0


By using a smartphone application, the health status of workers such as body temperature can be checked in real time. In the past, it was not possible to check the safety of field workers, but now it is possible to check at any time outdoors or at a construction site.


High-risk factory workers do not know their condition. Most of them check it in person or judge by looking at the CCTV. In contrast, ‘Smart Detector’ can respond more efficiently because it accurately shows the worker’s condition through the app.



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Mobile Application


The smart detector can compare the perceived temperature with the actual temperature, and alerts the operator through an LED signal in a dangerous environment.


Additionally, using a mobile app, workers can easily monitor the temperature and humidity of their work environment and receive immediate alerts when dangerous temperature and humidity levels are reached.



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Name Smart Detector
Model EX_SD V2
Color Matte Black / Glossy Screen
Screen 0.96 LCD
App integration Android / Stand-alone (Dual)
BT Ver. V 5.0
Battery Life 48 Hours
Charging 1Hour USB - (220v)
Interface Type USB-C type
Size 50mm x 35mm
Mobile App Android Only