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Intelligent Real-time System

Sensor Data DX
Erosion Sensor
  • Refractory Erosion Rate Data
  • Refractory Erosion Speed Data
  • Creation of Pattern under Operation
    (Evaluation of Abnormality)
  • Optimization of Optimal Usage
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis Quantitatively
  • Optimization of Equipment & Refractory
Surface Temp. Sensor
  • Equipment Surface Temp. Profile Data
  • Equipment Surface Max Temp. Data

IRS(Intelligent Real-time System) extracts Data of equipment and refractory under extreme environment.

Erosion Sensor and Surface Temperature Sensor DX solution enables to monitor refractory erosion status (Location and Depth) through Big Data analysis on surface temperature changes due to erosion.

IRS is the most optimized solution for Carbon Neutrality and ESG.


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Surface Temp. Sensor


< To-Be Method by IRS Solution >


IRS would show customers a) real-time status of the equipment and b) the trends of temperature data over time for customers’ equipment on a real-time basis, which indicates three crucial points

  1. Higher range of detectable temperature (up to 1,700℃)
  2. Lower error rate (0.5% at 1,700℃)
  3. Data Linearity (detectable during actual operation)

< As-Is Method by Thermal Imaging Camera >


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Thermal imaging camera provides less trustworthy data and less operational optionality than IRS.


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Surface Temp. Sensor

  IRS Solution Thermal Imaging Camera
Measurement Range
Wide Measuring Range
(-270℃ to 1,700℃)
Moderate Measuring Range
Sensitivity Very High Poor
Linearity Linear Non-linear
Long Term Stability Stable Moderate
Accordance of data Very High Poor
Detection Depth In-depth Detecting
Detecting inner condition of equipment
only outer surface of equipment
Curvature to detect Possible
For any kind of curvature equipment

Not possible

Point sensing for only flat area

Range of detection Size of Entire Equipment Size of Pulse
Method of detection Automatic Manual by Operator

Strategic Positioning

Sensor & Solution(Extreme Environment, Real-time Measurement)

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Strategic Positioning

Data-Big data(Extreme Environment, Data Reliability)

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