[June 20, 2024 Strategic Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony]


On June 20, 2024, POSCO Future M Co., Ltd. signed a strategic business agreement with Heat DX specialized startup EXCELLO Co., Ltd. for a refractory smart management solution business. Until now, refractory management has relied solely on analog methods, such as direct inspection by workers and experience-based management, with a continuous need for digital transformation (DX). Therefore, POSCO Future M and EXCELLO decided to jointly develop a refractory smart management solution by combining their engineering technologies and Heat DX capabilities.




POSCO Future M possesses engineering technologies in maintaining high-temperature facilities and manufacturing refractories in the POSCO Group and the materials/chemical sector. EXCELLO specializes in solutions for extreme environments and has Heat DX technology that extracts, analyzes, and predicts real-time temperature data of high-temperature facilities and refractories.


This agreement is mainly pursued in the context of R&D and global marketing collaboration. Specifically, the two companies aim to develop refractories with embedded smart sensors, design customized refractory profiles for clients, expand into global markets, and improve refractory performance and materials based on data.


A POSCO Future M representative stated, “Through this agreement, the two companies are expected to lead data technology innovation in high-temperature environments and contribute to improving safety and productivity in industrial sites.” EXCELLO CEO Sebastian Park said, “Through the collaboration of the two companies, we will accelerate digitalization in extreme environment industries by providing innovative solutions that combine facility engineering technology in the steel, chemical, and energy industries with Heat DX technology.”