The IRS solution has been introduced as a major case of the Benefit Sharing project in below.



                       <23. Supplier Information Exchange Meeting Materials for the Second Half of the Year>


(Facility BS - Safety Improvement)


1. A device that introduces high-temperature airflow into the furnace at 1,400℃.

   1) The operator approaches the blowpipe and measures the outer shell temperature.

   2) High risk of explosion accidents due to high temperature and pressure.

       * Potential safety hazards due to gas, dust, and high temperature.


2. Real-time data transmission and remote monitoring are conducted through IoT

   by installing sensors inside to measure the front temperature of the air duct.

   * Promoting multilateral BS(Benefit Sharing) Project through Combining the production capabilities of existing sourcing suppliers with venture technology




· Improved work efficiency

· Prevention of safety accidents

· Compensation for prototypes and long-term contracts 

· Supplier evaluation bonus points, and technical verification


Source : ’23.9월 포스코 설비자재구매실 동반성장그룹 / ‘23.하반기 공급사 정보 교류회 자료