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<Strategic Alliance Agreement Signing Ceremony, Seung Jae Park, the CEO of the EXCELLO (4th from the left),

standing beside Daisuke Ohashi, the President of the Sumitomo Corporation Korea (4th from the right)>





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<Demonstration of SaaS Data processing system operating through IRS Solution>



- Targeting $100 billion global market of steel manufacturing/steel mill, petrochemical, green environment infrastructure (including incinerator and plant)

industries through the application of DX (Digital Transformation) Solution.


- Related to ESG, IRS Solution curtails carbon dioxide emission by optimizing energy efficiency.


- Globally renowned steel makers and top-tier equipment providers including ArcelorMittal subsidiary, and Danieli made a love call to EXCELLO.




A large number of special appliances are widely spread out to industries and in operation under extreme temperature and pressure conditions such as steel manufacturing/steel mill operation lines. The environmental distinctive characteristic of workers’ extreme working conditions is unimaginable unless someone encounters its local site under operation. Breaking news of shocking accidents people come across in everyday life is also derived from the inevitable extreme working environment in the industry. Safety accidents taking place unwittingly result from deplorable impressions of its victim.


Digital Transformation started to spotlight those industries, hand-operating under extreme conditions, still taking risk of safety accidents on sites. Leading IT startup EXCELLO stands at the very center of the Digital Transformation storm, sweeping the industry.


Last June 22nd, EXCELLO and Sumitomo Corporation Korea, the global trading company, signed on strategic alliance agreement to launch its first step to the global market, exceeding $100 billion, and introduction of the DX solution business of EXCELLO. Both parties agreed on their active cooperation in the application and expansion of EXCELLO’s IRS solution to extreme environments dealing with high heat and pressure, such as steel manufacturing/steel mill, petrochemical, and green infrastructure industries in 66 nations. Until the present day, these industries were not able to extract real-time equipment’s inside temperature and refractory erosion data, data that is closely related to productivity, without halt of its equipment. Since data do not exist, quantification and analysis of data were also unfeasible.


EXCELLO (CEO of Seung Jae Park, extracts real-time raw data (inside surface of equipment temperature data and refractory erosion status data) from special equipment exposed to a 1,600°C heat and pressure environment, which led to its world’s first successful development in an extreme environment utilizing and analyzing big data through edge computing system. In addition, EXCELLO developed a sustainable and recurring business model by providing data subscribing services based on its big data, instead of H/W provision business to its clients. EXCELLO’s solution increases energy efficiency and productivity through energy usage optimization and resolution of bottleneck processes. Also, since the solution is active action for high-risk equipment safety issues, clients concerning with working site safety will be able to provide workers with a safer working place. To sum up, customers are eligible for ESG and safety issues that are spotlighted in the industry these days, by applying one solution.


Sumitomo Corporation Korea (Daisuke Ohashi, CEO) is a Korean subsidiary of the global trading company Sumitomo Corporation, which has been chosen as Fortune Global 500 for the last 27 years and actively has business in diverse fields of metal, energy, resources, chemical, infrastructure, and so on.


From the Strategic Alliance Agreement, EXCELLO and Sumitomo Corporation Korea are expecting the business model of EXCELLO, the data analysis subscribing service based on EXCELLO’s solution and big data, rapidly and widely spread out to the global industry.


Seung Jae Park, the CEO of EXCELLO, emphasized, “True values of EXCELLO’s solution for clients are increasing in productivity, reduction of CO₂ emission by using energy usage prediction model, and prevention and management of high-risk factors related to high-risk equipment utilization. “


Daisuke Ohashi, the CEO of Sumitomo Corporation Korea, says, “We will contribute to the clients’ achievement on targeted productivity increase and carbon dioxide emission reduction, by closely cooperating with EXCELLO to lead the digital transformation of undigitized industries."


EXCELLO started its business after winning the ‘Industry 4.0’ section of incubating challenge program in the year of 2016 that the global engineering multi-international corporation Paul Wurth hosted. After foundation, DX solution has been successfully provided to global steel manufacturers located in the South Korea, P. company and H. company, for equipment, such as blast furnace, runner, tuyere stock, ladle, and even now proliferating to another equipment. In the aspect of recent DX solution provision visualization to steel manufacturers in the United States, Italy, Morocco, and so on, through Sumitomo Corp. Korea’s global network, rapid growth in global business is expected.