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On 30th August 2021, EXCELLO was selected for the 2021 ASEIC Online Incubation Program


EXCELLO has been selected for the 2021 Luxembourg V-SGBC online incubation program hosted/supervised by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, ASEIC, Luxembourg Trade & Investment Korea, and Luxinnovation. This program is a project that provides information on the market in Europe to selected companies for about 7 months from May to November in 2021. Also, it gives opportunities to match with local companies and institutions and supports local corporation administrative procedures and office space, etc. This support will facilitate the selected companies to enter the Luxembourg market and attract investment. Through this selection, EXCELLO will form a close relationship with Luxinnovation and cooperate with companies focusing on entering the European market through meeting with companies in the extreme environment industry located in Luxembourg and across Europe.